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Mgr. Zachary Colin Lavengood


Chapters in monographs
Lavengood Z. (2020). Humanitarian Aid and Public Diplomacy: How Helping Developing Countries Combat COVID-19 is a Win-Win for South Korea and the World. Collection of Essays on Korea’s Public Diplomacy: Possibilities and Future Outlook (pp. 469-489).

Lavengood Z. (2022). China and the 21st Century Arctic: Opportunities and Limitations. American Studies in Scandinavia, 54(2), 88-111. UT-WOS link 
Lavengood Z. (2021). The Evolving Arctic in the World-System. Journal of World-Systems Research [online], 27(2), 468-493. UT-WOS link 
Lavengood Z. (2019). The Crimean nexus : Putin's war and the clash of civilizations. Politologický časopis, 2019(1), 78-79. UT-WOS link