Dr. Irena Kalhousová | Summer University
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Dr. Irena Kalhousová

Irena specializes in Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in relations between Central European countries and Israel. In her PhD thesis (LSE 2019), she looked at relations between Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Israel. Using IR theory which builds on constructivism, historical analysis, and politics of memory, she analysed historical roots of foreign policies of the three Central European countries towards Israel. In her current research (PRIMUS) she compares how politicians in Central European countries use and misuse traumatic past experiences to justify foreign policy positions.



Chapters in monographs
Kalhousová I. (2021). Írán: skryté soupeření a hybridní operace. Za zrcadlem: Hybridní válka jako staronový fenomén mezinárodních vztahů (pp. 340-356).
Kalhousová I. (2016). Unwilling to Succeed: The Czech Position on U.S. Missile Defense - Between Strategy and Public Political Debate. Arms Control and Strategic Stability in the Middle East and Europe (pp. 63-79).

Kalhousová I., & Rubínová S. (2020). The Visegrád Group and Its Voting Patterns on the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian Conflict in the UN General Assembly. Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, 14(3), 457-475.
Kalhousová I. (2019). Ženy v izraelské společnosti: Sionistický mýtus o rovnosti pohlaví versus patriarchální realita. Nový Orient, 74(3), 50-60.
Kalhousová I. (2015). Relations between Israel and the Czech Republic: From Sentiment to Pragmatism?. Strategic Assessment, 18(3), 93-104.


2022-2026 PRIMUS: A four-year research grant, Charles University, CZ
Interdisciplinary research at the intersection of foreign policy and memory politics focused on how traumatic events affect international relations of European states.
- Primary Investigator: Lead an international, seven-member research team.
- Topic: “The Past is Present: The Use and Misuse of Traumatic Historical Events in Foreign Policy.”
- Budget: $490.000

2020-2023 e-NOTE: European Network on Teaching Excellence, funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Framework Research focused on “teaching excellence” in Higher Education in the EU. In cooperation with six universities across Europe.
- Research Fellow: Develop best practices in the field of online and offline teaching

2020 – to date Peace Research Center Prague, Charles University Center of Excellence Focused on the prevention, management, and transformation of conflicts in world politics.
- Research Fellow: Write academic papers and analyses on Israel and Israel and Europe.