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The Spring and Summer Universities in Prague are organized by the Institute of International Studies, a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. The Institute has been offering spring and summer programmes every year since 2009. The courses were developed parallel to the Institutes English speaking programmes, the Prague Area Studies programmes.

The spring programme takes place in March or April, the summer programme in September. 

The courses have always been truly international. More than 530 students from 46 different countries from all over the world have participated in our spring and summer courses so far. By completing the course, students not only gain wide knowledge and professional skills but also encounter international students and young scholars and establish valuable contacts.

Our alumni said about us:

“I very much enjoyed the international climate of the student groups I was fortunate to work with. The always friendly and competent lecturers allowed this international group to work on this very specific topic on a common and fruitful basis. I would do it again if I ever get the chance to." (Vojta Drápal, Germany)

“The summer university provides a good opportunity to explore and learn the richness of the culture and history of Prague. The faculty members are scholars that have in-depth knowledge and first-hand information on current mid-European issues. The cultural activities and field trips are certainly a treat for foreign students. I personally benefited from the above-mentioned lectures and cultural activities and strongly recommend this programme.” (Chiung-yao Yu, Taiwan)

“The Summer University is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, it succeeds in providing the student with an excellent learning environment coupled with cultural enrichment. It has provided me with an excellent opportunity to expand my educational horizons. I enjoyed every minute of the Summer University Programme!” (Ben Kennard, Ireland)

“A very good opportunity for my studies with cultural and social experiences. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and an example of the cultural diversity that resides in Central Europe.” (Rafael Salles Baltazar, Brazil)

“It is already more than a month ago that we had dinner on the Vltava – I really miss Prague and would like to thank you first of all for the great experience of the Prague Summer University! I enjoyed the two weeks very much and I am happy that I took part in the programme – thank you again for the brilliant organization and support!” (René Gögel, Germany)