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Students will be staying in a dormitory of Charles University situated in the residencial part of Prague (Prague 6). It takes about 35 minutes by bus and tram to the building where almost all your lectures and workshops will take place. The accommodation is included in the total price of your course.

Address: Kolej Kajetánka, Radimova 12, 160 00 Prague 6 (map)

The Kolej Kajetánka dormitory is located in Prague 6 under the Břevnov Monastery (Břevnovský klášter). It offers accommodation in cubicles (with shared bathroom and toilet facilities for two rooms only), and in single and double rooms (the number of single rooms, which are available for us, is limited). There is a beautiful view of Prague Castle from the rooms on the upper floors. There is a good bus and tram or metro connection to the city centre. The stop for this transportation is in the immediate vicinity of the dormitory. There is a free car park available in front of the building for guests using motorised transport.