10 ECTS | Summer University
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Students will receive 10 ECTS credits for their active participation in the program (including the final group presentations). They will be expected to prepare for the workshops (by reading the required materials) and to write a seminar paper (15 – 20 pages) after the summer school. The reading materials will be available via our online reader for participants beginning August 9, 2017. After the end of the summer school, students will have one month (until October 24, 2017) to hand in their papers. The papers will be graded on the ECTS scale A to F (A is the best grade and F means fail). During the entire period, students may get in touch with our lecturers and tutors who are ready to assist them. After fulfilling all the requirements, students will receive an official transcript with 10 ECTS credits.

In addition to official transcripts (with 10 ECTS credits and a grade), students will get official certificates on the last day of the course for their active participation. This official certificate (which does not have any grade or number of credits stated on it) may be sufficient for some students – if this is the case, you can choose not to write a seminar paper and receive only the official certificate (i.e. a transcript will not be provided).