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Institute of International Studies

The Institute of International studies is an organizational part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. The Institute offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes in area studies and modern history. It concentrates its activities on four primary regions: the countries of the former Soviet Union and East-Central Europe, the German-speaking countries of Central Europe, Western Europe and North America. Each of the region is covered by one department of the Institute.

The Institute of International Studies offers four Master’s Degree Programmes taught in English: “Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies” (BECES), “Master in Area Studies” (MAS) and a joint degree programme “European Politics and Society” (EPS). In cooperation with the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, the Institute offers also a double-degree programme “International Masters in Economy, State and Society” (IMESS).

The Spring and Summer Universities organized by the Institute of International Studies want to satisfy demand for shorter intensive study programmes which would enable students and young researchers from all over the world to gain new knowledge and experience. The Summer University Prague 2019 follows our successful Spring and Summer Universities in the years 2009 – 2018. 

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