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Summer University Prague 2017:

Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty

September 9th – September 24th, 2017


We are just preparing this course. The course offer will be ready probably at the end of February or at the beginning of March 2017. This website will be updated within the next weeks.

If you are interested in this course, just send us an e-mail and let us know about your interest. We will keep you updated.

Thank you for your interest. Keep in touch!


Our last course: Summer University Prague 2016

Reconfiguring Europe:

an Old Continent in a New Millennium

September 10th – September 25th, 2016


The objective of the Summer University Prague 2016, “Reconfiguring Europe: an Old Continent in a New Millennium”, is to provide students with a broad understanding of the most significant political and social issues in contemporary Europe.

Instead of relaxing at the “End of History” after the collapse of Eastern Bloc in 1989/1990, Europe is facing new challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. These new challenges – including the economic and financial crisis, ageing population, complicated relations with Russia, terrorist attacks connected with the activities of the Islamic State and most currently, the strong immigration flow – are raising concerns and leading to significant political radicalisation and social unrest. This challenging period offers a great opportunity to revise common approaches and look for new perspectives. We will together analyse and discuss the current development of Europe in an inspiring environment of international students coming from countries all over the world.

The course provides an interdisciplinary approach and combines multiple learning methods, such as lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, group-work and student presentations. Students will not only have the opportunity to explore a range of interesting topics and gain valuable insights into the current challenges and risks to the development of Europe, but will also improve their research and presentation skills.

Moreover, there will be numerous free-time activities that will provide participants a chance to enjoy the wide range of attractions that Prague has to offer.